56 minutes | May 7, 2017

Launched Into Fantasy Episode 5 Ray of Frost

Emboldened by their first victory against the guards at the Double T hideout, our group of ACES send in Gromhan to draw out the leader, Darthi. Disguised as a human, the dwarf Gromhan forgets the name of the leader and fails his bluff check. Now with a hideout full of thugs, all suspisious of who this guy is, they send someone to check the door. Will this be the end of Gromhan? Find out in this episode of Launched into Fantasy! Our cast: Alex as our DM and Kieg Shadowfist George as Gromhan Fireforge Tom as Graak Alejandro as The Future Star "Wednesday" as Acatha Vadoma   Background music and sounds by Syrinscape Intro/outro music String Anticipation by Cory Gray  
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