57 minutes | Apr 23, 2017

Launched Into Fantasy Episode 3 Drow Smack

After interviewing the survivor of the Broken Barn attack, our heroes headed to Shade Haven and entered Daruda's Gambling Kingdom. Will they be able to meet with the alleged crime boss and find out the information to take down this gang of thugs? Will Acantha and her high charisma be able to get them a meeting? Will Gromhan do or say something weird? Probably, but find out what happens to our group of ACES in this episode of Launched Into Fantasy!   Our cast: Alex as our DM and Kieg Shadowfist George as Gromhan Fireforge Tom as Graak Alejandro as The Future Star "Wednesday" as Acatha Vadoma   Background music and sounds by Syrinscape Intro/outro music String Anticipation by Cory Gray
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