68 minutes | Jun 11, 2017

Launched Into Fantasy Episode 10 Tezzeri's Book of Orders and Fan Fiction

Our heroes follow their leads from the brothel and head to Svetty's to find out more information about these robberies. They find a distraught Svetty and interview him and head to Tezzeri's to see if they can set up a stake out. Will they be able to discover why these robberies are happening? Will Acantha's punch card work at the Shade Haven Branch? Will Gromhan ask any relevant questions? Find out in this episode of Launched into Fantasy.   Our cast: Alex as our DM and Kieg Shadowfist George as Gromhan Fireforge Tom as Graak Alejandro as The Future Star "Wednesday" as Acatha Vadoma   Background music and sounds by Syrinscape Intro/outro music String Anticipation by Cory Gray
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