65 minutes | Jul 5, 2017

Launched Into Fantasy Epidsode 12 Goggles, Gallagher, and Gromhan's Shower

The aftermath of thwarting the would be thieves who have been stealing magical items is messy. A couple of the heroes get some sweet new goggles, Acantha tries to follow a lead and gets a job offer, and Gromhan takes a much needed shower. Will the stink of his failed shrine wash away? Will The Future's Goblin assistant EVER get him his supplies? How much can Kieg actually drink? Find out in this episode of Launched into Fantasy. Our cast: Alex as our DM and Kieg Shadowfist George as Gromhan Fireforge Tom as Graak Alejandro as The Future Star "Wednesday" as Acatha Vadoma   Background music and sounds by Syrinscape Intro/outro music String Anticipation by Cory Gray
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