46 minutes | Feb 13th 2018

On The Road | 5

So, this is it. This is the day. After two years of writing and editing, proofreading and obsessing, Arlo Finch is finally out in the world. This book has gone from being an idea to an actual physical thing you can buy at a store.

As a writer, John’s job is done. But as an author, he has a whole new set of responsibilities.

He’s taking Arlo Finch on the road as its ambassador. He has to talk about the book, get other people talking about the book and (hopefully) buying the book.

In this episode, we’ll be digging into how books are sold, how bookstores work, and how schools play a big role in the success of a middle-grade title. Plus we’ll get our first reviews of Arlo Finch.

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