17 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Episode 006: Journaling to Reduce Anxiety and Fully Express Yourself // Karla Carlston

Do you know that a journaling practice can be a powerful tool? Guest Karla shares her passion for journaling in an effort to reduce anxiety, create a safe space for thoughts, and as a healthy place to express yourself. Through her own post-partum struggle with mental health issues and also the joy comes with having a baby, Karla realized the benefits of journaling, and developed journals and prompts for every stage of life.  Listen to the full episode to learn how journaling can help children, teens and adults focus on the positive, while still expressing all the emotions they are feeling.  You’ll also learn the scientific research associated with how journaling can also boost mood, increase confidence, and improve memory. Show Notes Amber’s Instagram, Website, Shop Karla Carlston: J.O.T. Journals Karla’s  WEBSITE Karla’s  INSTAGRAM   Music Credit: https://www.purple-planet.com
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