97 minutes | Jul 23, 2021

123 Getting Fall Colors Right with David Long

Summary We’re planning ahead a little bit in today’s show. I’m talking with a New England photographer all about what we can expect when we head out to shoot fall color this season. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 123 for July 22, 2021   ANNOUNCEMENTS/Other Comments July Topic The topic for July is #PublicLands. Please get your submissions in by the 27th of July to be considered for the broadcast on the 29th. I’ll be going back to YouTube for these broadcasts, and I’ll try a slightly earlier time frame as well. We’ll plan on 6:15 p.m. Pacific Time.   Latitude Photo School is now enrolling beta testers. The waitlist is up next. https://mailchi.mp/eeb40a226ba2/kk5w15cdqv   Minnesota water-FALL-color Workshop info: Sign up today! https://brentbergherm.com/workshops/minnesota-waterfall-and-fall-color-workshop/   MAIN TOPIC Preparing for and Shooting fall colors. David’s e-Book: http://davelongphoto.com/new-products/tips-for-fall-foliage David’s Blog: http://davelongphoto.com/new-products/fallfoliage   Shooting fall colors is something I just don’t get to do much of here in the PNW. Sure, we do have some fall colors, but nothing like the midwest or the northeast of the country.  Today I’m talking with David Long about photographing fall colors. David, welcome to the show! You were last on the show in November, 2018. https://latitudephotographypodcast.com/episode/new-england-with-david-long/ My goodness, has it really been that long? Anyway, we talked about photographing New England in the winter, and this time, we’re going to talk about fall colors.  Main Points: Let’s start off with just a bit about yourself so listeners can be reminded of who you are and what got you into photography… Let’s talk about preparing for fall colors, in general. What should we be thinking about? Compositional elements Lenses and filters Quality of Light Weather Water Judging a proper exposure Let’s now talk about some specific locations that are found in your latest publication, Fall Foliage Photography in New England. White Mountins, Little White Church - Eaton, and Sabbaday Falls Northeast Vermont, Village View - Peacham Central Vermont, Caper Hill Farm - Reading, Sleepy Hollow Farm - Woodstock Southern New Hampsire, Henniker Covered Bridge, Garwin Falls - Wilton Central Mass, The Grist Mill - Sudbury How about some post-processing tips. We’ve gotten all these potentially great images, and now we want to bring them to their final edit.  WB and Saturation Use the HSL? Apps you use? Find Dave on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidlong3653/ Resources and Links Get on the list for updates on Latitude Photography School https://mailchi.mp/eeb40a226ba2/kk5w15cdqv   Learn all about my Minnesota waterFALLcolor workshop and sign up today! https://brentbergherm.com/workshops/minnesota-waterfall-and-fall-color-workshop/   Shop at lensrentals.com with my affiliate link and I’ll get a small commission of the sale: https://www.gopjn.com/t/SENJRktJT01DR09OS0lLQ0dLT0tGTg Use the code "summer50" at checkout for $50 off orders of $200 or more delivered by July 30, 2021.   I also have an affiliate link with ThinkTank Photo http://bit.ly/2IMRhOT   Find the expanded shownotes at http://latitudephotographypodcast.com   Find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/brentberghermphoto/   Find the podcast facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/latitudephotographypodcast/ You’ll have to answer a question, who’s the host of the show. Your answer is me. Brent. I’ll also accept the name of any recent guests.   Find me on instagram @brentbergherm https://www.instagram.com/brentbergherm/   Find me on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/brentberghermphotography Find me online at https://brentbergherm.com
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