38 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

Being a Manager and Leading a Product Design Team as an Immigrant Woman with Thelma Neves 🇧🇷

Thelma Neves is a Latinx in Power because she's a Brazilian who decided to follow her dreams, moved to the UK, and works as a Designer Manager for a long time. Thelma Neves has experience managing design teams from the agency-side and also the client-side, and she’s a Product Designer Manager at BT. Thelma has a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a master's in Communication Design. She initiated her career as a Graphic Designer and transitioned to User Experience over the years.    In this episode, we talked about being a manager and leading a team as an immigrant woman, the qualities of a Product Designer, and Thelma’s journey in the UK. Our website is LatinXinPower.com. Send me a message on Instagram @Latinx_in_Power or Twitter @LatinXinPower. Check out our new episodes every first Tuesday of the month.
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