38 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

A Single Act of Kindness Literally Brought a Product Designer to Disney with Leo Gomez Blum 🇪🇨

Inspiring conversation with Leo Gomez Blum who told us a little bit more about her story that started with a single act of kindness. Leo is an inspiring and successful immigrant from Ecuador who started her design career in advertising agencies, then transitioned to Product Design and working at Grubhub, Spotify and now as a Senior Product Designer at Disney streaming services. In this episode, we talked about transitioning your career to Product Design, the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and personal projects. And of course, Disney!   Additional Reading Mentioned in the Interview Leo’s portfolio: http://www.leouxplorer.com/ Future Reality Class at NYU: https://frl.nyu.edu/ Varjo mixed reality headset: https://varjo.com/ Klarna payment: https://www.klarna.com/us/ Our website is LatinxInPower.com. Send me a message on Instagram @Latinx_in_Power or Twitter @LatinxInPower. Check out our new episodes every first Tuesday of the month.
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