33 minutes | May 17, 2020

002 - 5 Recommendations for Home Defense

In this episode, Jay and Mike share what they believe are the 5 most important things every person should consider when trying to improve their home security.  They also review the 4 cardinal rules of firearm safety after a shooting death at an outdoor range.  If you have comments or questions for our next show send us an email podcast@latentforce.com Visit our website for more info www.latentforce.com   Links to items mentioned in this episode:   4 Cardinal Safety Rules http://latentforce.com/styled-2/styled-26/   Gun Range Negligent Discharge http://abc13.com/man-dies-in-accidental-shooting-outside-gun-range/2772877/   Home Invasion - YouTube Video https://youtu.be/QxlVHQF1BQ4   Door Strike Plate https://www.armorconcepts.com/shop/product/door-armor-max-plus-combo-set-981   Lock & Door Reinforce https://nightlock.com/   Security Window Film http://amzn.to/2DAlITt   The Ring Spotlight Camera http://amzn.to/2zPUc1T   In this particular episode, you will learn: 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety 5 Home Security considerations Products that improve home security  
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