73 minutes | May 25, 2021

Carlos Burle

Late Drop Big Wave Podcast with Carlos BurleBrazil’s godfather of big-wave surfingPresented by http://futuresfins.com Throughout the course of history, what were once deemed “absolute truths,” are often no so absolute anymore. Stuff like: The world is flat. How certain peoples don’t have the capacity to vote. An electric car will never have the power of a gas-fueled one. Brazilians aren’t a threat in big waves. Then someone comes along and shatters that entire way of thinking. For that last one, it was Carlos Burle. A guy that came on the scene and won the Big Wave World Championships at Todos Santos in 1998, then bagged a world record for biggest wave at Maverick’s in 2001, Carlos paved the way for other Brazilian world champions and record holders like Gabriel Medina, Maya Gabeira, and as of late, Lucas Chumbo. Jamie Mitchell speaks with this very influential and positive human in the newest episode of The Late Drop.   0:00 Making the decision to become a surfer and live that lifestyle as a teenager, Being told he can’t be a pro surfer, Having to leave his home/Brazil to make a living as pro surfer 12:43 Getting the bug for big-wave surfing, Realizing his advantage in Brazil when contests were bigger, Winning a trip to Peru, Traveling to Hawaii in 1986-87 for first season, His dedication to big waves in Hawaii, Losing his sponsors because of his love for big-wave surfing 23:13 Winning the 1998 Todos Santos event and becoming a big wave world champion, Changing people’s minds about Brazilian big-wave surfers  31:14 Breaking the World Record, Being forced to travel around the world since no big waves in Brazil, Pre-Brazilian Storm movement with big-waves 40:10 Mentoring Maya Gabeira, Building up Maya’s image/persona to her winning a World Record 52:25 Mentoring Lucas Chumbo, Connecting the dots between his talents and results, Lucas hooking up with Kai Lenny 59:48 Winning the Big Wave World Title(s), Being first Brazilian to surf the Eddie, His wave at Nazaré, Creating new Futures fins, Dialing in the right equipment   1:08:51 Carlos’ 5-to-Finish
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