11 minutes | Oct 10, 2021

BREAKDOWN: Here for the Bitcoin Revolution or Just the Sick Macro Gains?

A reading of Adam Blumberg’s recent essay for CoinDesk.

This episode is sponsored by NYDIG.

On this edition of “Long Reads Sunday,” NLW reads “Revolution, Macro and Micro: Three Ways to Look at a Bitcoin Investment.” Blumberg argues that as bitcoin and digital assets get more mainstream, the industry would do well to better understand the different philosophies that pull in people. 


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“The Breakdown” is written, produced by and features NLW, with editing by Rob Mitchell and additional production support by Eleanor Pahl. Adam B. Levine is our executive producer and our theme music is “Countdown” by Neon Beach. The music you heard today behind our sponsor is “Only in Time” by Abloom. Image credit: Vasil Dimitrov/E+/Getty Images, modified by CoinDesk.

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