40 minutes | May 22nd 2019

A Space to Connect (S2 - #16)

“It is about cutting through and getting to the heart of what people really want and sometimes people don’t know, but most of the time, I’ve found that people already have some inklings, and they just need the space and the support and the tools to develop it.”

For our sixteenth episode, we sit down with Helen Babb, Founder & CEO of Yes Get It, an organisation that empowers and equips women with the self-awareness, confidence and practical tools to be bold and powerful leaders. She is also a Senior Associate (Inclusion and Engagement) in the Corporate Responsibility Team at the National Australia Bank.

Together we discuss the importance of creating spaces for women to connect, grow and support each other, determining where social impact sits in your career pathway and personal development journey and the role of corporate social responsibility in driving social change.

Show Notes:

You can find out more about Yes Get It on their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can learn more about Corporate Responsibility at NAB here.

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