40 minutes | Mar 24th 2019

A Fearless Generation (S2 - #12)

CW: gender based violence.

“For us Jasiri exists for those who cannot wait, it exists for women and survivors of all types, of giving them the skills and support that they need to make it through the nights.”

For our twelfth  episode, we sit down with Caitlin Figueiredo, Founder and CEO of Jasiri, an organisation promoting gender equity through  empowerment-based self-defense and leadership programs for women.

Together we discuss the role empowerment-based self-defense plays in gender equity, critiques that self-defense programs face, the need for programs to create space for young women to get involved in politics and Caitlin’s journey working with the UN.

Show Notes:

If you want to follow the work of Caitlin and her team at Jasiri or find out more about their leadership programs check out their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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