57 minutes | May 24, 2021

#51 Dustin and Ruben Share Accent Tips to Sound Like a Native Speaker in Spanish

Benny and Shannon chat with Dustin Luke and Ruben Adery about how to develop an authentic Spanish accent by using rhythm, musicality, body language, and other local insider information.Featured Resources English Speaking Hacks Spanish Speaking Hacks Mentioned in this Episode Cosas Que Dicen Los Argentinos Hecho Por Un Yanqui English Speaking Hacks Spanish Speaking Hacks Spanish Speaking Hacks Instagram English Speaking Hacks Instagram Episode OverviewSome of the topics brought up during the interview are: What happens when a language scientist and a casual learner team up Tips for rolling your r’s Having an authentic accent beyond pronunciation Rhythm and musicality of pronunciation Learning colloquial phrases and chunking phrases Mindset and “getting into character” in a language Body language and other local insider tips for learning languages Getting local, native speakers to open up and use the language with you Learning a specific dialect without moving to the country with the Five I’s The sounds with the most variance in Spanish Finding viral videos in your target language How learning another language is like living another life Teaching your nonnative language Podcast theme: “A New Beginning” by Shannon Kennedy
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