9 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

What Is a Landing Page?

On this episode, I'll share my definition of what a landing page is and break down all the details.- - - - -"A landing page is an independent, campaign-specific destination that persuades a member of a target audience to take one clearly defined action."🚀 SUBSCRIBE to GrowthMarketer Weekly 🚀🧰 Free 14-Day Trial of Unbounce 🧰- - - - -Spread the Word:• Share the Show: Click here to preview a tweet you can publish• Review the Show on Apple Podcasts: landingpageschool.com/apple• Review the Show on Podchaser: landingpageschool.com/podchaser- - - - -About the Podcast:• Hosted by Nicholas Scalice• Produced by Earnworthy- - - - -Connect with Nicholas:• Twitter: twitter.com/nscalice• LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nscalice• Instagram: instagram.com/nicholas.growthmarketer• Email: growthmarketer.co/contact
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