63 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

25 – Amy Fisher

This month we're talking about another much maligned early 90s woman: Amy Fisher, referred to as the Long Island Lolita because the press are gross, what else is new. When she was 17, Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuco, the wife of her 39 year old boyfriend Joey Buttafuco. We discuss what a scumbag Joey Buttafuco is, the media circus that surrounded her trial, and the sad aftermath of all of this. Other topics include: if pics of the inside of your body are the ultimate nudes, why no one has invented a she–poo, and whether Amy Fisher is the Long Island Jeremy Corbyn. Content notes: discussion of medical issues related to covid, other medical issues including heart issues, gynecology and head injuries, attempted murder by shooting, sexual assault, statutory rape, racist police, underage sex work and trafficking, victim blaming and whorephobia.
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