95 minutes | Jan 8, 2019

16 – Brenda Spencer

This month the topic is Brenda Spencer, known as the grandmother of school shootings and the inspiration for The Boomtown Rats’ pretty average song I Don’t Like Mondays. We discuss Spencer’s early life, the shooting and the aftermath but as is pretty standard for us we spend most of our time talking about how the case has been discussed by media and psychologists (spoiler alert: it’s prob–le–ma–tique). We also talk about our upcoming trip to LA (!!!!), the norwegian death metal scene and DIY electrics. Elena explains what angel dust and bath salts are and continues reviewing non–alcoholic wheat beers and Jo reviews government subsidised speed (ADHD meds). 
PS please get in touch if you like us and are from LA and want to let us do a house show in your house, have an idea for an LA murder we can do while we’re there or have other LA related goss/tips! CONTENT NOTES this episode contains discussion of mental health meds, school shootings and briefly other mass shootings, physical and sexual child abuse, survivors not being believed, drug and alcohol use, mental health problems and being suicidal.
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