112 minutes | Nov 6, 2018

15 – Anne Hamilton Byrne And The Family

This month we discuss Anne Hamilton-Byrne and the Australian cult The Family, also known as the Santiniketan Park Association and the Great White Brotherhood. The Family are known for using hallucinogens to manipulate their members, horrendous child abuse and the very distinctive Village of the Damned style haircuts they made the children have. We also talk about how Hamilton–Byrne is different from male cult leaders, how cults are like abusive relationships, as well as dead worms, anthrax, buying job lots of crowns from ebay and Pass The Parcel The Horror Movie.

PS please get in touch if you like us and are from LA and want to let us do a house show in your house. CONTENT NOTES this episode contains discussion of physical and psychological child abuse, drug use, mental health problems and archaic “treatments” for them, alcohol use/drunkenness
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