111 minutes | Mar 6, 2018

11 – Tonya Harding Olympic Special

This month’s episode is an OLYMPIC SPECIAL EPISODE! It’s about the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal during the leadup to the 1994 Winter Olympics (which Jo attended!! As a baby!!) so there is no murder, but we do discuss rigid gender norms in figure skating and classist narratives about which women are considered to be capable of violence so we haven't deviated that far from our usual remit. We’ve also received some listener mail about being queers in favour of prison abolition who are into true crime, and why we talk about women and NB people who kill and not other marginalised groups, so we respond to that. Jo tries their best to explain how figure skating works but mostly just screams about Surya Bonaly, the coolest figure skater of all time, and Elena talks about moving to LA so that everyone will marry them. We also cover bidets, how overrated tall men are and emoji heart semiotics, so there’s something for everyone. CN: discussions of drug use and drinking, transphobia and ableism from Jo’s GP, physical and verbal abuse of a child, domestic abuse, rape, and physical assault (the attack itself (very briefly)).
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