43 minutes | Oct 1, 2019

Ep. 1: Jason and the Astronauts by Michael Robertson

“What the scanner shows is real. There really is a Greek temple flying through space.” Jason Jackson used to travel through space and time. Now, he’s a low-ranking pilot on one of the vessels of Centro, the oligarchic Earth government. Lady Aesculapius is a traveller in space and time. She’s currently about to be executed. She’s pretty chuffed about it. The space-time anomaly en route for Mars, is, well, a space-time anomaly en route for Mars. And it’s going to bring these two old friends back together. Written by Michael Robertson Created by James Wylder and Michael Robertson Read by Harry Smith Art by Anne-Laure Tudori Theme by Jack Guidera Edited by Matt Quiett A co-production of Arcbeatle Press and the Southgate Media Group Learn more at JamesWylder.com
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