53 minutes | Jun 7th 2019


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Our guest Annie Gaudreault founder of Veev, is a health and wellness coach who specializes in middle age women. Are you are encroaching middle age or are there? Then you must hear Annie’s 6 Pillars she uses with her clients, so they get their joy back, energy back and their life back.

Guest’s Bio: Annie Gaudreault career spans 25 years in the public relations, design & branding industries servicing Fortune 500 clients such as Nestlé, Molson and McCain Foods.

Embodying a contagious zeal in living life to its fullest, she practices what she preaches. An accomplished endurance athlete, Annie has completed over 10 marathons including the prestigious Boston Marathon as well as 3 long distance triathlon Ironman competitions. She has done so while living with Cystic Fibrosis, genetic disease that affects the pancreas and the lungs.


To further her passion in the health and wellness area, she recently graduated as a holistic nutritionist. As such she founded VEEV, dedicated to support the health of middle-aged women live with vitality and strength.

2:52 – Annie shares how this is her third business and how it evolved. Plus, how she had a plan for a year to make it successful.

5:50 – Discussion on why Annie decided to focus on a specific niche, middle aged women. How women have different health needs when they turn 40.

10:09- More conversation about how women’s mindset changes after 40. How women could get away without really taking care of themselves in their 20’s and 30’s but when they hit 40 the body says, “no more”.

13:35- How aging is a myth that we must suffer through.

15:24 – 6 Pillars to Aging Joyfully, Mind Body Spirit approach. How aging well is a choice. Annie lists each pillar and then she starts explaining each one.

22:06 – Penny and Annie start drilling down Pillar #1, Nutrition for middle age women. Habits versus rituals are discussed.

27:20 – Pillar #2, Activity, doesn’t mean exercise in the traditional sense.

32:30 – Pillar #3 Emotional and Environmental is further discussed. You need to be in a place you feel safe and supported.

33:36 – Pillar #4, Supplements that can make you feel great.

36:12 – Pillar #5, Rejuvenation, taking care of your soul. Annie shares examples of ways to consider in how to fill your soul tank.

38:14 – Pillar #6, Purpose. Discussion about finding purpose when you work for a big company and how you can find purpose outside of that. How solopreneurs may have more flexibility to bringing their purpose as part of their company. However, working in a company there are other choices.

41:37 – Annie explains more how the pillars are equally important. Some pillars you practice everyday and some more general and are a work in progress. Plus, a conversation on how the pillars relate to a balanced life and living with intention.

44:23- Penny asks Annie what message she would like to share with our listeners.



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