58 minutes | May 2nd 2019

Guest #18 Megann Willson

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Ever wonder if you can start a business with your husband and make it work? Megann Willson shares a lot of tips on how to make it work and how and when to start your business. Also, hear about how she uses Innovation Games® and Conteno Weave to help companies become very successful. 

0:00 Guest: Megann Willson BIO

Today our Guest is MEGANN WILLSON, CEO and Partner, of PANOPTIKA which is a consulting firm. Megann also serves as VP Communications on the Board of the Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship. As an Innovation Games® facilitator, she works with a wide range of clients from the C-Suite through Product Management teams.  

She brings experience and skills gained in Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning, with organizations ranging from family businesses to global corporations.

5:00 - Hear Megann share how she started her business with her partner who is her husband and the risks that she took. How she set limits and goals.

7:40- Penny is curious how Megann can work with her husband. Megann explains the rules they put in place and how they were once competitors.  Megann then tells us some of the tips that help them make it work.

  1. Having a code that is nice and reminds your partner to stop talking about work
  2. Preserve the personal relationship and it has its own time and space
  3. Recognizing each other’s strengths and experience
  4. Share with what you want

13:50 – Discussion on how there are ups and downs in business and how to handle that. Megann offers advice how to overcome these moments and some good habits. How to set “The One”.

20:36- Megann shares what measures were put in place so the company could be launched. Listen to hear about how it is now always about money.

25:15 – Interesting how Megann shares her life experiences as a child and how it relates to her path to running a consulting company.

28:34 – A conversation on niche businesses and how Megann’s company determined what theirs would be and why. 31:57 – Innovation Games ® is a business tool Megann uses and she shares how she was introduced to it and explains how this methodology can be so effective.

Using frame works and models instead of just asking questions help businesses become more aware of what needs to be done for their business. Plus, how the tool is effective not only face to face but can be done on line.

35:36 – Conteno’s Weave, a software business tool is explained and how it helps you connect with associates around the world. The connection and process help associates build strategy, solve problems and set priorities so everyone knows their role.

37:37 – Conversation about events that happen when you are in your home office and are in a on line meeting and the unexpected happens. How to deal with it. Plus, more on how Innovation Games® can be used remotely. 44:36 – Penny asks Megann what she would tell someone if they were thinking of becoming a consultant. Megann mentions that she is having a 5 by 5 challenge for sharper focus in your business.  Five days during the week and for 5 weeks which is for people that are going to start their business or are in business now.  To listen to the daily challenge, you can email Megann and get on the mailing list so you can receive the videos and be part of her Face Book group.

51:47- Megann suggests don't worry about failing.  She talks about how she was as an early twitter user and how she got great clients from connecting on social with them.

55:11 – Hear Megann’s message and how she encourages you to start now, don’t wait.




also findable at www.twitter.com/megannwillsonTO


 5x5 Sharper Focus Challenge Information: www.panoptika.ca/5by5focus 

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