53 minutes | Apr 12th 2019

Guest #17 Amy Vodarek

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Our guest today is Amy Vodarek, ACC, MScN

Amy’s story is how she became a well recognized work-life coach, consultant and facilitator who's mission is to engage leaders and teams to create workplaces where everyone thrives. We also get insight in how to start a side hustle and then to a full-time business with less risk.

Lots of conversation about the corporate world and being an intrapreneurial women.

Plus, find out an important change in how we look at what companies we want to work for. Spoiler Alert: “Belong to Something”

You can hear how she’s committed to advancement and success of women organizations, leading teams and as business owners. 

 GUEST BIO: Amy Vodarek is a transformational work-life success coach, consultant and facilitator who is on a mission to engage leaders and their teams to create workplaces where everyone thrives. She’s committed to the advancement and success of women in organizations, leading teams and as business owners. She’s the co-author of the book Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance exploring the often-hidden barriers women leaders and business owners face in fulfilling their potential. Amy is a resource for experienced coaches to expand their coaching capabilities with unmasking a master assessment of not good enough to co-create transformational change with clients.

She holds an MScN from McMaster University and coaching certifications from Newfield Network, The Institute for Generative Leadership and is certified in The Leadership Circle.

 She’s the founder of Amy Vodarek and Associates/Insight Edge; an Associate Consultant with Altus Growth Partners and Courage Group International. She provides Executive Coaching globally to CEO’s of social venture start-ups with Uncharted. She calls Milton, Ontario, Canada home and is the proud mom of 4 kids and 2 fur babies. 


 2:00- Amy shares her story on her journey to becoming an entrepreneur. It started while Amy was teaching at McMaster, school of nursing while attending a career workshop which lead to knowing with out a doubt she wanted to coach. Then a trip to Colorado

and more things fell in place. There were so many signs that is was the right path for her. She explains how the coaching world was an expansion of her original training and education but a different way of using those skills.


7:34- From that a conversation strikes up about transferable skills which is more than just skills. It is more about body of work and mindset. If you are interested in understanding this more there is a book that further explains this by Pamela Slim, Body of Work. 9:10- How there are common elements with big organizations and entrepreneurs. Both must learn to have conversations to build effective teams and help build rich client relationships where they keep coming back.

HOW AMY STARTED HER BUSINESS AS A SIDE HUSTLE 10:30- Amy shares that her business started as a side hustle and things to consider when starting a side hustle. 1. Energy and creativity 2. play energy 3. Lunch and learn 4. Energizing and not depleting


12:18-Hear how Amy found time to start a side hustle with having to raise four children and a full-time job. Her strategy was to 1. Do lunch and learns 2. Volunteer to stretch your skills  3. Test out who would be invested in what you offer 4. Women’s groups

 14:30 – More information on why volunteering can be helpful in many ways to start your business. 15:30 – Here is where Amy tells us how she knew it was time to launch her business full time and her contingency plans to create revenue.


20:29- Penny is curious how Amy decided to write her book jointly with Anne Day, President of Company of Women, titled Good Enough, Embrace who you are.  Hear how they interviewed over 150 women and surveyed over 250 women over three years.  Plus, hear what common thread was heard among most women. 26:30 – Discussion on how corporate life can be lonely.  Penny tells a bit about her life in the corporate world.  Plus, types of groups that can be helpful are discussed.

COACHING CHANGING IN THE CORPORATE WORLD 37:20- How coaching was once mostly used for executives and where is going today and why. More discussion on how executives and managers don’t always have skills for a leadership position and what is needed.

BELONG TO SOMETHING! 40:05 – Amy really lays out how important why work place engagement is important, and statistics indicate it is getting worse.  The key is for people to feel they BELONG TO SOMETHING. They belong to something that matters and see their future in it.


44:37- Why soft skills sounds trivial and should be called essential skills. Hear how this relates to be a better leader.


48:40- Listen to Amy’s personal message.  It will make you think!



http://www.amyvodarek.com/ LINKED IN:




Good Enough Embrace who you are. Unleash your Brilliance by Amy Voderak and Anne Day https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B06ZZNGR2M/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1


Body of Work by Pamela Slim


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