65 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

We Believe in Dinosaurs: Exploring America's Relationship with Science

To conclude their segment on video in science education, The Lab Out Loud podcast is joined this week by filmmakers Clayton Brown and Monica Long from 137 Films. This Chicago-based documentary production company promotes science through storytelling by exploring how its search for answers impacts our cultural, political, and personal lives. Directed by Clayton and Monica, We Believe in Dinosaurs follows the building of the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky to its opening day. By focusing on the human aspect of the story, the documentary allows the viewer to understand the challenge that mainstream scientists and teachers face as they try to educate America on the bedrock of the biological sciences: evolution. Clayton and Monica join co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler to talk about We Believe in Dinosaurs, what they learned about America's relationship with science while making it, and how the documentary can help science educators better understand the students coming into their classrooms. Show notes at: https://laboutloud.com/2020/12/episode-236-we-believe-in-dinosaurs/
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