56 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

The Impact of Pop Culture and Video Creation in Science Education

With a shift to online learning during the pandemic, students have relied on watching and creating more videos. But how has that impacted science education? To help answer that question, the Lab Out Loud Podcast invites Rhett Allain back to the show. Rhett shares some tips and suggestions for online learning - especially dealing with online math. Spoiler alert! He suggests that students make a video to showcase their learning. Rhett also describes his work as technical advisor at McGyver, then takes some time to geek out with co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler about science that is portrayed (or ignored) in pop culture. About the Guest: An Associate Professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, Rhett is also a physics blogger for Wired and Medium, creates videos for YouTube and serves as the technical consultant for the TV show McGyver. Show notes: https://laboutloud.com/2021/04/episode-245-pop-culture-science/
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