47 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Dr. Steffania Kapsetaki, Searching for Cancer in Chimerism #ScientistOutLoud

Lab Out Loud's guest this week is Dr. Steffania Kapsetaki, a postdoctoral research fellow at Arizona State University at the Arizona Cancer & Evolution Center. Joining Lab Out Loud from Greece where she is working remotely during the pandemic, Dr. Kapsetaki is studying chimerism across the tree of life and its potential impact in triggering cancer. Representing a relatively new field of research in life science, chimerism occurs when organisms contain cells from other organisms. Dr. Kapsetaki joins co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler to talk about her research, how she is able to continue her work through the pandemic, and how discoveries in chimerism might impact our health and understanding of life science. Show notes at: https://laboutloud.com/2021/01/episode-239-dr-steffania-kapsetaki/
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