17 minutes | Nov 5, 2018

79: Imagination for Courage, Creativity & Change with Beth Comstock

Today’s podcast is all about the power of imagination—and we welcome special guest Beth Comstock!

As the pace of change increases exponentially, we’re all going to be searching for ways to solve problems we’ve never had before. Today’s guest Beth Comstock—one of America’s most successful businesswomen, author, and a previous leader of innovative change in her role as Vice Chair at GE—is here to tell us why our imagination and creativity are powerful and essential tools to build a new future for ourselves. 

Fear can hold us back from making the most of our imagination, as can an unhealthy attachment to safe, familiar routes. So many people don’t take that first step towards making the idea they have in their heads a reality because they’re afraid they won’t be perfect or successful. But as Beth tells us, embracing uncertainty and learning as you go is the only way to move towards growth and success. 

In this episode, we’ll explain why imagination, creativity and white space are so important, and why creativity isn’t just something to be done in your free time. We’ll discuss why so many people don’t use their imagination to its full potential, how to cultivate imagination and the importance of vision and story in achieving your goals for a brighter future.

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