18 minutes | Aug 16, 2020

Ādiparva : Sandhi 06 : Part 2 of 3 : Droṇa and Drupada – Friends turned Foes

In the 2nd part of the 6th Sandhi of Ādiparva, Vaiśampāyana narrates the birth of Kṛpācārya and his twin-sister Kṛpi from the sage Śaradvanu. The twins are brought up by Śantanu. Kṛpācārya goes on to become the Kulaguru of the Kuru-s. Bhīṣma approaches him to teach the Kaurava-s and the Pāṇḍava-s. Through him, the Kaurava-s and Pāṇḍava-s learn the fourteen Vidya-s and the various Kala-s. However, Bhīṣma is still looking out for a capable Guru who can instruct them in the art of warfare, especially Archery and other allied arts. Long ago, to the Ṛṣi Bharadwāja was born a son named Droṇa. Bharadwāja taught him the arts of warefare along with other princes. Droṇa got married to Kṛpi, through whom he obtained a valiant son named Aśvatthāma. One of Droṇa’s fellow students was a prince named Drupada of Pāñcāla kingdom. Droṇa and Drupada were good friends. When it was time for Drupada to leave, he promised Droṇa eternal friendship before taking his leave. After Bharadvāja passed away, Droṇa tried continuing in his father’s Aśrama, but, poverty made him go in search of benefactors. During his travels, he visited Paraśurāma, from whom he obtained all the divine weapons. From there he thought of paying a visit to his childhood friend Drupada, hoping to gain employment in the kingdom of Pāñcāla.However, Drupada had grown haughty and refused to even meet Droṇa. Enraged by Drupada-s behaviour, Droṇa barged into his assembly and admonished him. Drupada said that there cannot be any friendship between a rich king such as himself and a poor Braḥmaṇa such as Droṇa. Thus humiliated, Droṇa vowed that he would teach valiant students whom will then defeat and tie up Drupada so that Droṇa can avenge his humiliation. Saying this , he left Pāñcāla along with his son Aśvatthāma. After crossing several other kingdoms, he arrived in Hastināpura where he saw a hundred and five princes diligently trying to aim and shoot at the targets with their bows and arrows. Droṇa looked at them intently, having realized that perhaps these might be the disciples who would help him with his revenge. Audio Link: https://archive.org/download/kumaravyasa-bharata-recitation/Parva-01-Adiparva-006-Sandhi-Part-02-of-03.mp3
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