26 minutes | Mar 24, 2019

Episode 13- Otto Othman, Pincho Factory

This weeks guest is Otto Othman of Pincho Factory. Born and raised in Brazil, Otto moved to the States in 2001. It was during a family BBQ where he and his cousins had some liquid courage and talked about opening a restaurant. Two days later, his cousin called him and asked if he was serious about the restaurant because he was already looking for restaurant space. So, it looked like they were opening a restaurant. There was only one problem, Otto had only worked in advertising and his cousin had little restaurant experience.  With $77,000 to their name, the Pincho team was going to open a restaurant. The idea was to create a kick ass menu that was simple, had 8 menu items but the food was perfect. After a few months of testing menu ideas Otto’s cousins called him on Tuesday and said they needed to open on Saturday because they only had $6.27 left in the account. With no team, no employees, no training, they decided to open. On Thursday, Otto threw his birthday party at the restaurant and found a couple of employees to train and get ready for the opening on Saturday. They watched YouTube videos and reached out to anyone who would give them the time of day to ask advice on how to open and run a restaurant. After hours of YouTube videos, social media posts and reaching out to invite everyone they knew, they opened the restaurant with 400 guests and the rest is history.  This episode is packed with a ton of great stories and messages. In the episode Otto shares the (hilarious) story of Pincho, he talks about checking your ego at the door, finding great mentors, having passion for hospitality, knowing what drives you, supporting the community, never doubting yourself and dreaming big! 
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