73 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

#8 Brandy Goodrick (VR Horseback Riding Sim) on reducing motion sickness, the importance of VR events and more

In this episode, Brandy Goodrick shares her experience of making VR games as an indie developer, reducing motion sickness in VR games, and how the VR community and events have helped her in her carrier.

Some more topics we talk about:

  • Brandy's VR Horseback Riding Simulator
  • Reducing motion sickness in VR games
  • Tips for attending Oculus Connect
  • Grants
  • Finding side gigs as a VR dev
  • Nreal vs. HoloLens
  • MIT Reality Hack and Brady's project
  • Making game development tutorials
  • Palmer Luckey and John Carmack

Brady is an indie VR game developer who's currently working on her VR Horseback Riding Simulator. Learn more on her Twitter.

At Kosmos School, we make fun educational VR games.