71 minutes | May 10th 2020

#11 Shane Harris (SideQuest) on the future of SideQuest and helping developers succeed

Shane Harris is the co-founder of SideQuest. SideQuest helps gamers find and install games and apps for the Oculus Quest that are not on the official Quest store. SideQuest is growing in popularity and as of today has over 280,000 monthly active users. Check out their Patreon to support them.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • How SideQuest got started
  • Solving the discovery problem on SideQuest
  • Oculus Quest store curation strategy
  • Making SideQuest work as a business
  • Fighting piracy
  • Finding the best ways to support developers
  • Next use cases for VR after gaming
  • Future iterations of the Quest and other VR headsets
  • Oculus' potential plans to support indie devs more
  • Importance of social presence in multiplayer VR games

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