3 minutes | Sep 7, 2019

Welcome To Konata - The Audio Experience

Hey everyone, Welcome to Konata - The Audio Experience. This has been in the making for quite some time, so I am really happy to present this to you. Oh, And when I say ‘in the making for quite some time’, I mean is I’ve been procrastinating to start it. So here we are finally. This podcast is all about engaging with you. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences in life, entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry, especially when it come to music! Hopefully I can add some value to your lives. Now, it’s not just one show, it’s actually a collection. A collection of sounds. I’ll share new music, unfinished material, covers, live performances and some stuff you’ve heard before. Sometimes I’ll have guests, sometimes I’ll be interviewing some amazingly cool people. It’s all things audio. So whether you’re at home in bed, jogging on the treadmill at the gym, driving down the highway in your car or experiencing the joys of public transportation (which by the way I love) Turn up the volume and enjoy everything that’s coming your way! This is Konata - The Audio Experience.
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