84 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

Julius Ciss: From Judaism to Jesus to Judaism

In our second episode, Avrum interviews Julius Ciss, an old friend and the executive director and founder of Jews for Judaism, a counter-missionary organization. In our schmooze, you’ll hear the fascinating story of how he, a son of Holocaust survivors, became a believer in Jesus Christ for five years—and how he found his way back to Judaism, eventually launching a non-profit aimed at helping Jews in similar situations. Julius is a brave man and a powerful community leader who has saved many Jewish souls, and this compelling interview dives deep into the life of a man who talks the spiritual talk and walks the spiritual walk. Kol Avrum is hosted by Avrum Rosensweig. This episoded was mixed and edited by Howard Pasternack. Michael Fraiman is the executive producer, and our music is by Kevin MacLeod. Learn more about Jews for Judaism here, listen to Avrum's other long-form interview podcast Hatradio!, and discover more Jewish podcasts at The CJN Podcast Network.
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