3 minutes | Jan 12th 2017

One Simple way to Increase Customer Engagement

Increase Customer Engagement If you find customers saying things like “ok, can we get on with this?” or "look I don’t have all day". You may be spending too much time uncovering and talking about their needs. Read on to discover a simple way to Increase Customer Engagement. On today's show discover: Why spending too much time talking about customer needs can be aggravating for your customer; What customers really want to talk about; And how to keep your customers engaged and excited during the sale. Why Customers Become Disengaged This sort of goes against a lot of conventional wisdom which tells you to spend plenty of time understanding your customer’s needs. Now, don’t get me wrong, understanding your customer’s pain points is critically important but sometimes you can over due it. How do you know if you’re overdoing it? You get more customers asking you to “get on with it.” It’s a sure sign they feel  they’re being grilled and they don’t like talking about the subject matter. They’ve become disengaged and they’re losing their excitement. Think about it, I mean how much fun would it be to sit down and have someone ask you 20 questions about your bills? So Tim let’s talk about your bills how much are you spending each month? What could you eliminate to reduce that amount? How long has this been going on for? Why is your electric bill so high? What other things have you tried to get this under control? How did those things work out for you? What do you think is going to happen if you don’t do something about this now? How did this get so out of hand? What does your wife think about this situation? Yuck....not much fun. And if you’re spending a lot of time asking customers about their needs and what’s wrong it can start getting that way for them too. A Simple Way to Increase Engagement So what do you do? Well, you should still ask about their challenges but only gather what you really need to understand their issues. Don’t belabor the point. Then before presenting your product, transition to their hot buttons and start talking about how they want their life to be once those needs and problems are resolved. That’s a much better conversation to have. You may hear them “light up”, their tone may change, heck they may even get excited! If you go back to our “talking about your bills” example imagine transitioning that conversation to what you would do with a 2 million dollar lottery check! Much more fun to talk about, wouldn’t you agree? Conclusion So spend time understanding your customer's needs but don’t over due it. Get the information you need and then transition to talking about their hot buttons. What you’ll learn will help you build value and the process will help your customer stay engaged and excited. Today’s One Two Punch Transition to Hot Buttons to Keep Your Customer Engaged
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