3 minutes | Jan 20th 2017

How to Compete and Win 100% of the Time

Sales is Competitive Sales is, by its very nature, competitive. Some love to compete with others for the top spot on the leader-board and for many it's what drives them to be the best. However for others, competition can lead to comparisons and comparing yourself to someone else can be demotivating. On today's show discover: ...why comparing yourself to others can move you further away from your goals; ... some simple steps to take your focus off others; and how you can compete and win 100% of the time! Comparison is the Death of Joy Mark Twain said that "comparison is the death of joy" and believe it or not recent studies have backed that up. Spending time comparing yourself to others can: lower your self esteem, cause you to feel down, and even cause feelings of envy. Remember you can only control you, focusing on someone else is a waste of energy. Also, it's not always a fair comparison. Everyone has different experiences, strengths and weaknesses. You have no idea what kind of journey they're on, how long they've been on it or why. When you compete with yourself , you know where you're going, and what you need to do to succeed. This shift in perspective allows you to make more progress in less time. You're not discouraged by the fact there are people who are better than you. No matter how good you get, there will always be people who are better than you. There are also people who look up to you. Compete with Yourself That said, by competing with yourself you have a chance to celebrate your "wins" and allow those wins to inspire you to continue toward your goal. Think about it, the person you are today is a result of the decisions you made yesterday and if you're always in a state of creation you’re always getting better! That means when you compete with yourself you always win! If you find yourself getting sucked into comparing yourself to others try taking these steps: Be aware it's happening Ask yourself if you really want to emulate what this person has done? If so, determine what specific steps you can take to move forward toward the goal and then compete with yourself to get better. Conclusion Friendly competition on the sales floor is healthy and it can be motivating. However, when competition turns into comparison it can have the opposite effect. Today’s One Two Punch Compete Against Yourself, Succeed and Win!
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