4 minutes | Oct 20th 2016

9 Effective Ways to Maximize Down Time

Maximize Down-Time in Sales It would be fantastic if customers came in one after the other and the phone rang the instant you hung-up? It sure would; and while there are times like that in sales there are also those times when things are slow. While some just wait out the slow times, others have found ways to use that time to be even better and more prepared for the next rush of customers. On today's show discover: ... ideas for making good use of down-time ... free resources you can take advantage of to be better when sales pick up! Down Time is a Fact of Life in Sales Downtime is a fact of life in sales. It’s an opportunity to hone your skills and stay sharp so you can make the most of those times when you do have customers. Here are 10 things you can do during down time to hone your skills and prepare to maximize your next opportunity. 9 Effective Ways to Maximize Down Time Review Advertising Read customer testimonials Listen to other salespeople Listen to yourself Review Product Information Practice your sales scripts and presentation Work on your rebuttal techniques Make a Cross Sell Connection Read Sales articles, Listen to podcasts or check out on-line training Bonus Volunteer to help a new salesperson Next time it gets slow don’t just wait it out, do something productive to be better prepared for your next rush of customers. Today’s One Two Punch Prepare while it’s slow to be better when it’s busy
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