30 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

The Business applications of AI and Data Science

We sat down for a conversation with our Data Scientists a.k.a our MachineX wizards, Shubham Goyal and Pranjut Gogoi who has extensive experience in building AI algorithms for their customers. Our Data Scientists talked about the current state of Data Science & AI in the industry and whether it lives up to the hype after all. The podcast will answer a few questions like - What should organizations know when they begin implementing Data Science in their applications & projects? Why is it important to have a strong domain as a prerequisite for AI applications? How do you determine whether a particular business problem is a valid candidate for the implementation of AI? What are the key ingredients for success when it comes to AI projects and what are the measures Knoldus has taken to ensure the success of projects? Data Science & Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts must not miss this episode!
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