37 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

Delivering value to customers with the use of DevOps

This week, we sat down with Mayank Bairagi and Sahil Sawhney. Sahil is a Lead DevOps Consultant at Knoldus and is experienced in delivering Architectural solutions for customers and mentoring the new talent that comes in. He keeps a keen eye on the cutting edge DevOps trends in the industry. Mayank has 11+ years of experience in the industry and has developed scalable, resilient & fault-tolerant solutions to customers as a DevOps Consultant. Our DevOps professionals talk about how DevOps is more about processes than tools and how it can be leveraged to deliver value to our customers. They further talk about how the maturity of the DevOps tools depends on the maturity of the ecosystem. Tune in to get answers to more such questions on DevOps in our latest episode.
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