52 minutes | Dec 25, 2017

Clash of Champions Review

More than just your regular week in wrestling, we've got our Clash of Champions Review! Subscribe: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | PlayerFM | GooglePlay | TuneIn | Pocket Casts ------------------------- WELCOME TO KIPPING UP WITH WRESTLING: The podcast that is keeping up with wrestling with the force of a kip-up every single episode with a multigenerational stable of hosts. We have hosts in their 40s and hosts in their 20s, giving the show contrasting perspectives from fans who’ve lived through different eras of wrestling at various ages… and it allows for some more of that puntastic dad-humor as well. Covering WWE, NXT, WCW, NJPW, ROH, Lucha Underground, Indies and more. Email: contact@kippingupwithwrestling.com Website | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitch
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