22 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

How to Discover Your God-Given Gifts

God has given us talents and abilities and it's our job to tune into those gifts and let God reveal more to us about us. Listen to this week’s episode as Rylee explores how to discover your God-given gifts and why God wants you to honor those gifts you have been awarded. He also shares why you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to truly discover these gifts and how listening to others who have fruit in their lives can help you reveal your passion and talents. In this episode, you will learn: Two ways God wants us to use our gifts (4:43)The questions you should be asking to find out what your gifts are (6:15)What our gifts from God say about us (18:29)--The King’s Council’s mission is to help you discover and deploy your God-given talents. Our signature coaching program will give you the tools, tactics and strategies to radically change and level up in all areas of your life. Schedule your free consulting call with us today by visiting kingscouncilcoaching.com--Are you ready to live your life by design? Are you willing to commit yourself to the plan God has for you and finally become the CEO of Your Life?The $100 Million Dollar Man Rylee Meek and Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford are coming to a city near you to help you master the Five Power Pillars that will help you discover and deploy your God-given talents.Join our Facebook Group to find out more about our 2021 CEO of Your Life events.--This episode is brought to you by Gospel Canvas. Gospel Canvas is reimagining Christian Art for today’s generation of Christians. As a listener of the King’s Council Podcast, you can get your very own Gospel Canvas 15% off your purchase at checkout using the promo code KING15. Visit Gospelcanvas.com today and use the promo code KING15 to get 15% off your purchase at checkout.--If you loved what you heard, Follow, Rate and Review this podcast on Apple Podcasts You can also listen to the show on:SpotifyAmazon MusicGoogle PodcastsStitcherSubscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://bit.ly/3pYVALm--Follow the King’s Council on Instagram @kingscouncilcoaching Follow Rylee Meek on Social MediaInstagram - @theryleemeekFacebook - facebook.com/rylee.meek
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