72 minutes | Dec 4, 2015

Episode 4 - What the Hell Just Happened? Take 2

This week on the precursor cast, Tess gets frustrated with PVP and Rage Quits, Militus falls asleep at the controls and the Precursor Guild started running missions. It is time to wind it up, Episode 4 of the Precursor cast starts now. *Intro Music Intro Game: Geography Game Recap. Not going to play it, just going to overview it. Contact Us: Tess, tell them how to do it! website - http://pc.kindofabigdealgaming.com/ Sing: phone - (702) 625-1337 twitter - @precursorcast gmail - precursorpodcast@gmail.com youtube twitch - www.twitch.tv/precursorcast Wednesday at 10est, 7pst facebook - www.facebook.com/precursorpodcast We are now on iTunes, be sure to let us know what you think of the show. Reviews are awesome and we will be sure to read them on the podcast, so please help us out with that. *Zen Intro Moment of Zen Tess - I loved running the Guild Treks. Militus - My story completion of Verdinct Brink. Sad moment EPIC looking back piece!. Should we discuss the story here? Boom: - I am having ADD with the game. I am not sure why, but sometimes I feel stressed to get to raiding as fast as I can, but in the end I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. On that note, I spent some time playing my Revenant. I need to do some of Core Tyria since I boosted him to 80. At the same time, I am 90% done with Verdant Brink on my Warrior, and I feel like I need to get that done… Basically, this game has enough stuff to keep me busy for years. I am not even remotely close to being done with any one phase of the game, and that is very exciting. I got to run some core tyria stuff this week on my Revenant. I did this because I learned that I just don’t know how to play rev and I thought a good way to learn would be to start playing more with him. I also enjoyed the free stuff in the black market this week. I would like to get even more stuff. I love all of the stuff. Adventures in Noobness: This week we figured out how to run Guild Treks. We earned our first bit of Favor. Tess’ plan is to unlock the guild bank and unlock our guild hall. To unlock the guild vault, we need to run a few more guild missions to earn 1000 favor (we have 330) over the next few weeks and Boom, Militus, and Tess will over the gold cost. Then, we can start saving for the 100g we need to unlock the guild hall. Conversely, we can go straight to the guild hall which will just require us to save the gold (we already have enough favor). Donations can be sent to
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