77 minutes | Jul 3, 2021

171: Eastburn Family Murders

On Mother’s Day in 1985, Katie Eastburn and 2 of her daughters, 5-year-old Kara and 3-year-old Erin, were found dead in their Fayetteville, NC home.  They had been brutally murdered 3 days before and the only survivor in the house was 21-month-old, Jana.  Left in her crib for 3 days, Jana was spared the same fate as her mom and sisters.  Their attacker, Tim Hennis would go on to be convicted and sentenced to death and then acquitted AND THEN convicted to death again in a military court-martial.   He and his supporters continue to maintain her innocence, but it’s hard to argue with DNA. Wanna take our Patreon for a test drive and get FREE BONUS EPISODES? Just visit this link: killerqueens.link/jinx. Just enter your name and email and you’ll be taken to a page with all your freebies! For about $0.33/day, you can have 3 brand new Killer Queens episodes each week and over 150 full length bonus episodes to binge RIGHT NOW! That’s less than you’d pay for a Surge! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram Like Us on Facebook Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook Get Killer Queens Merch Bonus Episodes Support Our AMAZING Sponsors:  Apostrophe - Save $15 off your first visit with a board-certified dermatologist at Apostrophe.com/QUEENS when you use our code:QUEENS.  The Flex Company - So say goodbye to cramps. Put sex back on the table. And lend Mother Nature a hand. Go to FLEXFITS.com/queens and use code queens for 20% off Flex Disc Starter Kits—or 10% off your first Flex Cup—PLUS free U.S. shipping! Hello Fresh - Tired of Takeout? Getting Sick of Grocery Shopping? Go to HelloFresh.com/killerqueens14 and use code killerqueens14 for up to 14 free meals plus free shipping! © 2021 Killer Queens Podcast. All Rights Reserved Music provided by Steven Tobi Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon
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