77 minutes | May 29, 2021

166: Murder or Suicide? Christian Andreacchio- Part 1

Part 1 of 2- On February 26, 2014, Christian Andreacchio was found dead in the bathroom of his apartment.  After a 45 minute investigation, the police on the scene ruled his death a suicide and closed the case.  However, Christian’s family refused to believe that and their investigation would turn up a great deal of evidence that pointed to the fact that his death was more likely a homicide. Wanna take our Patreon for a test drive and get FREE BONUS EPISODES? Just visit this link: killerqueens.link/jinx. Just enter your name and email and you’ll be taken to a page with all your freebies! For about $0.33/day, you can have 3 brand new Killer Queens episodes each week and over 150 full length bonus episodes to binge RIGHT NOW! That’s less than you’d pay for a Surge! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram Like Us on Facebook Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook Get Killer Queens Merch Bonus Episodes Support Our AMAZING Sponsors:  June’s Journey: Join the 30 million fans who have gotten the fun game memo and Download June’s Journey free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Aurate: Fine jewelry designed to be worthy of the women who wear it. For 15% off your first Aurate purchase, go to AurateNewYork.com/queens and use promo code queens. Prose: Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/queens.  Raycon: Raycon’s offering 15% off all their products for my listeners and here’s what you’ve gotta do to get it: go to buyraycon.com/queens. There you’ll get 15% off your entire Raycon order, and it’s such a good deal, you’ll want to grab a pair and a spare.  © 2021 Killer Queens Podcast. All Rights Reserved Music provided by Steven Tobi Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon
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