21 minutes | Aug 17th 2020

S1E5: John George Haigh

John Haigh was born in 1909 in Stamford, England, to a religious family with strict traditions...but from very early on, he didn't fit in.  As a child, Haigh was a habitual rule-breaker and prankster at school.  While most children grow out of their rebellious stage, Haigh never did.  It wasn't long until he was committing "Haigh"-nous crimes which would ultimately lead to his capture and execution.  Listen to Episode 5 for the details.Contact information for Killer Astrology Podcast:Instagram: @killerastrologypodcastTwitter: @killerastropodWebsite: killerastrologypodcast.comFacebook.com/KillerAstrologyVisit the website for reference information on this episode.Support the show (https://paypal.me/lauracarriereadings)
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