27 minutes | Mar 9th 2021

Prevent Your Passion from Becoming Poison with Sabrina Runbeck

As people are forced to explore their new careers in these stressful times, they often devote a lot of effort without having any clear path in mind. If they don’t have the foundation to move forward and sustain their joy from their passions, they will be, or again become, overwhelmed and dissatisfied. Achieving psychological growth to stay happy and motivated is easier than people realize. In this episode, Sabrina Runbeck explains how to master your mental immunity, and prevent your passion from becoming poison. Listen to this episode to learn how to focus, prioritize, stop overworking, and stay open to receive what you need. Sabrina's hectic life as a front line worker 1:35 Experiencing burnout when trying to follow your passion 6:11 How to boost your energy naturally 7:22  Preventing your passion from becoming poison 14:07 Asian Women Who Boss Up 20:40 How to become an peak performer 25:21 Show Notes - https://kickinitwithdaree.com/episode/mental-immunity
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