53 minutes | Dec 15th 2020

How to Start Doing Voiceover Full-Time with Mia Bankston (ColorVO Collective)

Originally a stage actor, Mia Bankston is a full time voice actor in NYC, and my biz bestie. This talented lady voices for clients like OWN, Nick Jr., McDonald's, Toyota, Pandora Internet Radio, Secret Deodorant, Pantene, Shea Moisture,Bank of America, and NBC just to name a few. And in this episode, we talked about how you can slowly and surely transition into full-time voice acting, even if you have a full-time job right now.  This conversation is one where you need to sit down and take notes. Let's go! Mia's VO journey 5:41 Using your life experience and imagination to influence voice acting 10:28 Interpreting copy for auditions 14:42 Managing directed sessions 17:10 Transitioning into freelancing while still working for a full-time employer 22:48 Entrepreneurial discipline and sacrifices 33:25 Auditing your business and celebrating along the way 37:39 Entrepreneurial mindset and goal-setting 43:01 Help clients find you online via SEO 52:56 Show Notes - https://kickinitwithdaree.com/episode/mia-bankston-colorvo-collective
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