39 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

Booths and Sound Isolation: Clubhouse #VOLifeChat with Jean-Francois Donaldson

Whether you are recording for podcasts or voiceovers, sound quality is everything. Jean-Francois Donaldson is a voice actor, demo producer and booth builder, so he knows a little something about booths and sound isolation for VO. We had a chat on Clubhouse about it. We discussed: How Jean-Francois got started with VO 3:34 Booth building 9:00 Soundproofing and the ideal places to set up a booth in your home 16:07 Prerequisites for your recording environment  Materials you can use for sound isolation when recording in a closet Registering as a production studio 31:03 Q&A 38:00 Show Notes - https://kickinitwithdaree.com/episode/jeanfrancois-donaldson-voiceover-booths   Note: This was my first time recording a Clubhouse room. I didn't catch the first few minutes of Jean-Francois' audio, so you'll miss his side of our back and forth during the introduction.    
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