32 minutes | Mar 11th 2020

Extending Love Through The Lens with Michael Corrado

In this episode, Lisa talks with photographer Michael Corrado, a 35 year veteran with Nikon about his love and passion for photography and how he's found his purpose in storytelling through his work with the Ronald McDonald House.  Michael isn't just any photographer, he is a sports photographer and Rock N Roll photographer who is living his best life by doing what he loves and using it in a way to help others. 

Listen to the conversation between Michael and Lisa as he shares the story of how he's found a way to do what he loves and bridge the gap with his work as a Rock N Roll Photographer to build awareness and support for an organization helping children and families going through the most difficult time during their illness.  He shares his passion,  purpose and tells us how he's paying it forward.  

As House Photographer for The Ronald McDonald House, New York Metro,  Lisa and Michael talk about how his work with this organization has changed his life and how he's paying it forward by bringing awareness and support to the children and families in need.   

Ronald McDonald House takes in the families and they comfort them to give them a place to stay while their children are being medically treated in the hospitals in the neighboring areas. Nikon and corporate social responsibility, working within the community,  has always been a big objective and with the creation of the FLASH Programm - families lending assistance, support and healing.  Michael is using his talent and time to spread the word about these families and children needing help.  You will be inspired and touched by his spirit, dedication, and desire to help spread the word through his work.  A picture is worth a thousand words but the work Michael is doing is Priceless!    

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