58 minutes | Apr 3, 2021

Mind Cramping Mystery of Christ

It's not just hard to understand that Jesus Christ is, at the same time, God and man. Jesus is both perfect God and perfect man, and it's difficult for sinners to understand a perfect man - but that's exactly who Jesus Christ is, and He's perfect God as well! Our reason and logic can't contain God, but we read the Scriptures to say as much as Scripture reveals about God as we can.Rev. David Oberdieck, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lebanon, Missouri and chaplain in the United States Army Reserve, joins guest host Rev. Peter Ill to discuss the second part of the Athanasian creed, especially as it confesses the truth of Jesus Christ.Listen to the first part of the Athanasian Creed conversation from last week at kfuo.org/2021/03/23/concord-matters-032321-worshipfully-confessing-the-athanasian-creed.
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